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SuperGlued offers bonanza of NYC summer concert tickets and prizes

on July 10, 2010, 11:30am

This writer has made references in the past to New York music fans being lucky for A) living in the most seemingly awesome city in the world and B) being spoiled brats for having so many musical opportunities. Well, now you people get even luckier as SuperGlued, a new social networking site for ravenous and enthusiastic concertgoers, is offering a contest that will surely make your summer now a billion times better than the summer for the rest of us non-NYCers.

SuperGlued, which lets fans posts photos and find fellow fans for pre- and post-show meet-ups, is giving away tickets to The xx, The Morning Benders, Belle & Sebastian, and many more concerts throughout NYC this summer. All you have to do is enter the contest (which kicks of July 11th) and then get your obsessive-music-fan vibe going. According to a press release, “Participants will earn points for activities such as Twitter updates, FourSquare checkins, blog reviews, and photo and video uploads.” Obviously, the points earn you access to said concerts. Plus, if you happen to make it to the top of the scoreboard, you’ll earn a Brooklyn Bowl 365 pass (you and a friend can get into any Brooklyn Bowl concert for a year) plus the chance to play DJ for a day on the the Seaport Music Show on East Village Radio.

Stay tuned to SuperGlued’s site for more details in the coming days. And, from all of us in the rest of the country, shove it, NYC.