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Apple sneaks out cloud-based music streaming

on August 05, 2010, 5:00pm

With Lala.com having been shut down this April, and Apple currently battling an antitrust inquiry focused primarily on their online music sales, an Apple-designed cloud-based music streaming service seemed as dim as the promise of moving sidewalks or talking robot nannies.

But with the current explosion of apps, cloud-based sharing has been brought back from the future. According to Michael Robertson, the founder of MP3.com, the iPhone’s newly updated iDisk app “allows the device to stream music from [iTunes] online storage in a useful manner for the first time.”

iDisk takes advantage of iOS4’s (iPhones newest operating system) multitasking powers. Users can now plop a file in the cloud-storage iDisk folder, and stream it via the iPod app while you’re doing something completely different on your phone, like reading the album’s review on CoS. Check the picture above too more easily understand the application’s ease.

Users are currently only able to steam music which they currently own. Even so, the RIAA and major record labels definitely don’t take too kindly to individuals or websites disseminating their music for free. If you want to take advantage of this service, download iDisk now, because there is a high probability of future lawsuits or fees for covering licensing agreements.

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