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Black Sabbath reunion could go down within the next two years

on August 12, 2010, 4:45pm

It’s been a good year for metal. With the Big Four finally coming together, the most rocking of genres is seeing some black days ahead, which is good, because they like that kind of stuff. But other than crazy huge excuses to thrash violently, metal may have another reason to celebrate: Black Sabbath is considering a reunion.

Now before you get out the face paint and studded bracelets, it’s not going to be for some time (if at all). In an interview with MassLive.com (via AntiMusic.com), frontman Ozzy Osbourne said he and guitarist Tony Iommi had worked out their legal issues regarding who owns the Black Sabbath name and are actually, gasp, being friendly.

When then asked about the possibility of a Black Sabbath reunion, Osbourne did not shoot the idea, but instead said that it’d have to wait at least a year or two while he does his solo album and subsequent touring. But if it were to happen, Osbourne has some pretty lofty intentions.

“We never set down when we were kids and went like, ‘This is going to be looked upon when we’re (expletive) 60 as a milestone in music.’ That was not our intention,” Osbourne said. “But it kind of happened. I always wanted to be a Beatle and people said, ‘Well Black Sabbath is a heavy metal version of the Beatles.’ But I would love to do, absolutely love to do a really great, monumental Black Sabbath album.”

We have never wanted something more to happen than a metal Beatles. Or would that be a Beatles-esque Sabbath. Either way, we hope it comes sooner rather than later. As always, though, stay tuned for more news as it’s announced.