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Check Out: Jay-Z and Jimi Hendrix mashup

on August 26, 2010, 4:00pm

There’s a place called “critical limbo” where some movies and albums live in a transitional state of being new enough to be remembered, but not forgotten. One such movie is Million Dollar Baby. Every time I try to strike up a conversation about that film, I’m met with this casual indifference as if every accolade and critique has been said recently enough that now, it hardly bears repeating. And one such album is Jay-Z’s The Black Album. It’s a landmark album on many levels, but, “didn’t that come out like only six years ago, dude?” These pieces of culture are in critical limbo. It’s not new, not nostalgic, not ironic–it just hangs there like your old coat from college.

So then it would seem that a new take on some older Jay-Z songs may seem listless and stagnant. Nevertheless, DJ Fatty Hezlop mashed together some classic Jay-Z cuts with some uber-classic Jimi Hendrix cuts to make Jigga Hendrix (via Hypetrak). Is it important? Nah. Do we need it? Nah. Is it kinda fun? Yeah, it’s pretty fun. Stream and download the album below.

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