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Check Out: The Drums take on Arcade Fire’s “We Used To Wait”

on August 30, 2010, 11:10am

Maybe they were inspired by the nostalgic new video, or maybe they just wanted to pay tribute to one of the year’s best albums, The Drums recently offered their take on Arcade Fire‘s “We Used to Wait”, and a recording is now available on the Internet.  We’re not quite sure where the live cut was actually recorded, but one thing is for sure: not even one of Brooklyn’s finest new bands can match the intensity of Canada’s hottest export.

The Drums’ take of the track from The Suburbs trades the piano based intro of Arcade Fire’s version for a clangy guitar part, and the cover lacks the tension and angst that Win Butler brings to the original, but Jonathan Pierce doesn’t sound too bad putting his own stamp on the song.  He’s not as pretentious as Butler when he sings the line “Now are lives are changing fast/hope that something pure can last,” and guitarists Adam Kessler and Jacob Graham even put their own little Smiths touch on the song. The end result is available for your pleasure below.

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