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Check Out: Tim Kasher (of Cursive) – “Cold Love”

on August 18, 2010, 2:35pm

For his forthcoming solo debut The Game of Monogamy, Cursive frontman Tim Kasher played a game of opposites: take depressing as hell lyrics and combine them with glorious pop sounds.

“I was writing fairly small, sad songs, acoustic-based, when it occurred to me, ‘Why not let the music be big and bombastic?'” Kasher explained in a recent interview with Spin. “That’s what David Bowie would do, right? Not sure how big and bombastic it ever became, but it did get me out of the little guy with a little guitar mentality, opening the music up to bigger arrangements.”

Cue “Cold Cave”, the first track to be revealed off The Game of Monogamy. Though featuring an upbeat, New Pornographers-esque sound, Kasher says it’s about “really boring sex, couples who have run out of steam in their relationships, whose sex life is reduced to going through the motions.” You can’t get more depressing than that.

Grab the track below, via Spin. As previously reported, The Game of Monogamy is set to arrive October 5th via Saddle Creek.

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