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Fistful Of Mercy make live debut, recorded debut to soon follow

on August 27, 2010, 1:00pm

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Fistful Of Mercy, a brand new supergroup consisting of Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison, and Joseph Arthur. However, other than the names of the parties involved, we didn’t get any other details, such as what the band had planned or even what they sounded like. Hell, if you didn’t know who was involved and only saw the band’s name, you’d probably think we were talking about someone on this year’s Warped Tour bill.

Well, the trio made their debut performance on Tuesday in Los Angeles, which was then broadcast on KCRW yesterday. You can find video from both events below. As you’ll see, Fistful Of Mercy are anything but a death metal band. In fact, it’s pretty evident why Pop & Hiss described them as “a quirkier take on the Crosby, Stills and Nash model,” who collide “folk, blues, eccentric pop and gorgeous three-part vocal harmonies.”

So when can we expect to hear more from Fistful Of Mercy? According to Pop & Hiss, the trio’s debut LP, titled As I Call You Down, will arrive on October 5th via Harrison’s Hot Records West label. There’s no word yet on additional touring, but we have to assume more dates will be coming.

As mentioned, you can watch the band performing three cuts below. A full stream of the KCRW broadcast is available here.

“Restore Me”

“Easy Street”

“With Whom You Belong”