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Orange Juice detail seven-disc anthology, Coals To Newcastle

on August 23, 2010, 4:04pm

Back in 1979, Edwyn Collins, James Kirk (not that one!), David McClymont, and Steven Daly got together and formed a band called Orange Juice in Glasgow, Scotland (the line-up later changed when Kirk and Daley left due to tension). They attempted to merge post-punk guitar riffs with disco and funk rhythms, and while not hugely successful commercially (they broke to Top 40 once with “Rip It Up”) they have gone on to influence bands such as Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and The Jesus and Mary Chain. This alone confirms their importance to the UK music scene, even if they didn’t get the hits they deserved.

Thanks to the fine people at Domino, we are soon to see the release of a seven-disc anthology covering the bands output. The set comprises six audio CDs and one DVD. Amongst the whopping 123 audio tracks included there are 16 previously unreleased tracks and a further 23 tracks that were not available on previous re-issues. The DVD comprises the bands two promo videos for “Rip It Up” and “What Presence?!”, their appearances on the legendary UK music show “The Old Grey Whistle Test” and their concert video “Dada With The Juice”.

The set gets a UK release on November 8th, with the North American release coming a day later. For a complete track listing and UK pre-orders head on over to Domino UK here, while you good folks in North America can pre-order here.

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