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UK company offers to press dead bodies into vinyl records

on August 31, 2010, 11:45am

You’re going to die. Sorry if we scared you, but it’s the truth. You will one day (hopefully after a long, happy life) shuffle loose this mortal coil and head to heaven/hell/purgatory/nothingness/Valhalla, leaving a corpse behind for your family to bury or cremate and spread. Now, thanks to some creative folks at UK-based And Vinyly, you don’t have to leave yet another potential zombie to deal with in the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Instead, you can become a piece of music history as a vinyl record (via

And Vinyly was started by Jason Leach, who co-founded techno group/record label Subhead in the 1990s. Leach decided to try pressing dead people into vinyl albums because of his own increasingly personal realization regarding his own mortality, along with an incident with his grandfather’s ashes, some wind, and a boat.

The process works the same way a normal record pressing does, except your ashes are sprinkled into the vinyl before it’s actually pressed. Once the disc has been finished, you can have your voice, your will, or your favorite tunes recorded onto the disc.

While the basic package (which comes in at a mere £2,000) will feature art work of your name and lifespan, you can also opt into the RIV (Rest In Vinyl) artwork package, where you’ll get custom artwork by contemporary oil painter James Hague. Or, you can get the “Bespook Music” option, where you’ll get a song written about you by The House of Fix. You can even pay to get your vinyl distributed globally. That would give “taking Uncle Bob for a spin” a whole new meaning.

If you’re creepy enough to want this, head here for more details. Also, make sure to note who you want recorded on your album. Otherwise, we’re sure your parents will assume Nickelback.

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