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Brad Pitt reported to play Jerry Lee Lewis in new film

on September 10, 2010, 12:25pm

Somewhere among the first five or so CDs I ever owned was the soundtrack to Great Balls of Fire, the 1989 biopic starring the still-leading-man-caliber Dennis Quaid and the perpetual fox Winona Ryder. I remember little about the film, but the song from which the title is taken also has the distinction of being the first song I ever played out, and I have never really felt the same about it again.

And though the movie may still hold up 21 years later, a new interpretation on the controversial story of early rock and roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis is reportedly in the works, and the talent involved should put to rest the arguments of naysayers who feel it is too soon for a retelling of Lewis’ life. The project is being guided by reclusive writer and director Terrence Malick, the man responsible for two of cinemas finest moments in Badlands and The Thin Red Line, not to mention the acclaimed Days of Heaven.

And who will play the coveted leads in this rumored feature? None other than Brad “I Can Do No Wrong” Pitt as the famed piano man and Natalie “My Dick Is Scared of You” Portman as his teenage bride (via Prefix). The actual direction of the project or even its having been given the green light are just rumored at this point, but with these artists involved, it is hard to imagine anything less than a provocative telling of the singer’s career and romance with his underage cousin. We’ll keep you posted as more information is known.

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