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Check Out: Steven Tyler records solo song for Japanese sci-fi film

on September 21, 2010, 1:40pm

Despite all the bandfueled rumors last winter, Steven Tyler never left Aerosmith. Technically, he still hasn’t. After 40 years, though, he has recorded his first-ever solo song. That seems like enough reason to crank up the rumor mill… OMG STEVEN TYLER IS LEAVING AEROSMITH, BEING REPLACED BY JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

His solo debut appears in a strange place: Space Battleship Yamato, a Japanese sci-fi film based on a popular anime television series. Tyler contributed “Love Lives”, a very Aerosmith-ey ballad not too far from Armageddon’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”. Apparently Tyler wrote the song after reading an English translation of the movie script and viewing a few clips.

“Love Lives” will be released as a single on November 24th, one week before the movie opens in Japan. There are no plans for release in America or Europe. Check out part of the tune in a trailer below, and see what you think about the definitely true fact that STEVEN TYLER QUITS AEROSMITH FOR CAREER IN JAPANIMATION.

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