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Hear another song from Weezer’s Hurley, presented by Hurley

on September 06, 2010, 4:11pm

Conspiracy theories about Hurley buying off Hurley and then using the guy from Lost as a marketing ploy/mascot aside, the fact of the matter remains Weezer have a new album coming. Hurley is due for release in less than two weeks, on September 14th (via Epitaph), and today (via skoa), we received our second taste off their forthcoming eighth full-length. Here’s two reasons why I like “Unspoken” more than “Memories”: It utilizes a flute! and around the 2:12 mark new Weezer sounds like old Weezer (aka kick ass 90’s garage rock). So, at least for this one, props goes out to Weezer and the Hurley clothing company!

Update: You can now stream Hurley, in its entirety, here.

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