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Soundgarden eye new music, more performances

on September 10, 2010, 10:25am

Outside of a Seattle comeback show, a Lollapalooza headlining gig, and a Lolla pre-show, the Soundgarden reunion has so far been a drawn-out tease, a case of just-do-it-already frustration — which, to be fair, probably made the few shows the band has done more special than any of the gazillions of gigs Pavement has churned out. But still, people have been patiently waiting for some dates for…jeez, has it been six months now? A year?

In an interview with Seattle’s 107.7 The End, Soundgarden (minus Chris Cornell) gave a reason for the slow process: conflicting commitments. Luckily, they gave us more concrete information as well.

Regarding Soundgarden’s future, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is the dates aren’t here yet. The good news is you will likely have your chances to see Soundgarden in the near future. Plus, we might even get a new album down the line.

Said drummer Matt Cameron:

I think we’ve talked amongst ourselves about the idea of doing some new music and how much we would all like to do that. So uh, we’re not ruling that out at all, it’s just unfortunately a scheduling thing right now…with, you know, my [Pearl Jam] commitments and what not. But we’d certainly like to do some more music together. As far as touring, we don’t really have any plans for that. You know, we’re getting offers, so I think we’re gonna weigh some offers and hopefully we’ll figure something out.

Guitarist Kim Thayil clarified that last part: “There probably will be other shows and performances,” he said. “Apart from a whole full-fledged, you know, tour, I’m sure there will be other appearances.”

According to Thayil, one of those other appearances has a good chance of being in the birthplace of grunge. In response to a question about a future Seattle show, Thayil said, “We’re definitely interested in doing that, so that’s just a matter of finding the time and location.”

Something feels refreshingly stable about this whole thing; maybe it’s a positive sign they didn’t just churn out a lengthy tour and call it quits again.

You’ll want to hear the rest of the interview over at The End’s website; the band discusses “Black Rain”, the artwork for the new Telephantasm compilation, and why they chose to reunite (they’re out of t-shirts to sell!)