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Van Halen “7-8 months” away from… something

on September 15, 2010, 2:45pm

More news from the Van Halen News Desk? Damn right!

My newest daily destination is the only place to go for Van Halen scoops that you just can’t make up. Well, actually, I guess we are also a place you can go. But at CoS, you get a really condensed version of Van Halen news, containing not much more than the actual news story, rather than the news concealed within a multiple page recounting of a chance encounter with David Lee Roth at the Scottish Gathering and Games in Pleasanton, California. Complete with picture!

Now, don’t say I’m getting soft or anything, but one thing this charming piece of fan-non-fiction taught me is how much music that one finds inconsequential can mean to someone else. Regardless of how I feel about Diamond Dave and the crew (see here and here), this dude not only loves them, but associates pretty much the happiest time of his life to them, and their music allows him back to this special time and the feelings that he had. Read this story. It was like the coolest thing ever for him. And around 100 more people commented on his celebrity encounter than have commented on anything of mine. Ever.

So, this little taste of Van Halen hearsay comes free of opinion, in honor of Mr. Doug Lyle: David Lee Roth told Doug Lyle that we would “hear something from Van Halen in 7-8 months.” Take it for what you will, despite the fact that this corroborates Mr. Chris Coplan’s story, which trusted some dudes in ties to give Van Halen updates. As if anyone wearing a tie would know how to rock!

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