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Watch: Interpol bring “Barricade” & “Summer Well” to Kimmel

on September 09, 2010, 8:29am

Reactions to Interpol‘s latest self-titled LP are certainly mixed. CoS’s Chris Coplan said it’s a 4-star grower with scope, pacing, and an encroaching stadium sound. But before the quibbling continues about their last effort, it’s worth reminding that these songs are being played by a different band altogether. And now that Interpol is heading out on a ridiculously long tour, it may be time to reanalyze who these guys are, and what to expect from their live shows via the new sound on Interpol.

Carlos D. is no more, indie ringer Dave Pajo has stepped in on the bass, and Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines offers support on the keyboard. The fractured post-punk sound they had on Turn On The Bright Lights has now cohered into a wall of dynamically eclectic sound, for better or for worse. On Kimmel, the band plays at an outdoor stage not unlike those found at festivals. Aptly, they now look and sound like a festival headliner. The dapper clothes now seem less indicative of a nu-Teddy boy Manchester throwback and more of an affected effort to look sharp on stage. “Barricade” sounds polished, lush, and safe. I miss the warble of Paul Banks’ voice when he sings.

With all that in mind, you can find video of the band’s performance of “Barricade” below. They also played “Summer Well” post-telecast and that video is embedded below as well.

The new Interpol lineup replicates their new songs well, but will they spit-shine “Roland” and “Length Of Love” similarly? Find out at any number of US dates on their ongoing tour.


“Summer Well”

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