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Watch: Kanye West’s return to The Cleveland Show

on September 15, 2010, 5:00pm

This is normally the part where we’d intro the musician we’re about to talk about and then get you up to speed in where they’re at career-wise. But if you read this site, you damn well better know by now what Kanye West is doing and even what he had for breakfast (a grapefruit and some Earl Grey tea). But since someone think he’s “the only exciting thing about music”, we’ll give you more of Mr. West in the form of a clip from the rapper’s second appearance of FOX’s The Cleveland Show.

Previously on the show, West’s character, Kenny West, became a big time rapper. Now, he’s down on his luck (sounds familiar…) But thanks to the help of the titular Cleveland Brown and ““Be-Cleve in Yourself”, which features the line “My game was timid, now my flow much bolder/Got a chubby brown angel on my shoulder”, young West is ready to dominate once again. OK, now they’re not even trying.

Enjoy the clip below (via Entertainment Weekly‘s blog). The full episode airs September 26th at 8:30 p.m. EST, at which time the real Kanye West will be reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.

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