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Watch: New Bright Eyes protest song, “Coyote Song”

on September 30, 2010, 12:42pm

“Coyote Song”, the first song from Bright Eyes in three years, tells the story of “two lovers separated by conditions that are out of their control, namely [government immigration policy].” The newly unveiled video for the track doesn’t convey these exact images, but it does see the Bright Eyes figurehead, Mr. Conor Oberst, play piano in front of the border separating Mexico and Texas, so the anti-immigration, pro-Sound Strike message still reigns supreme. The track is more for fans of post-Cassadaga Bright Eyes as opposed to those who wish Oberst would go back to being all angsty and shit, but new Bright Eyes is new Bright Eyes.

Watch the video below. The song can currently be purchased for $2 on the Sound Strike website. Proceeds go to the Florence Project, a nonprofit providing free legal help to immigrants caught in the detention and deportation system in Arizona:

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