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Watch: OK Go’s fur-filled music video for “White Knuckles”

on September 21, 2010, 5:05pm

Do you like videos of cute animals? Do you find yourself forsaking work, whether it be for your job or school, to go “‘awwwww” at puppies and kittens on YouTube? (Ask Mike Roffman about his corgi obsession.)

Well, if you’re one of the millions and millions of viewers that dig videos of adorable creatures, or are simply a fan of dogs, then you’ll want to check out OK Go‘s new music video. Or you could watch it if you’re a fan of the band, too. Though we’re telling you in advance that the band members are the last thing you’ll be paying attention to in this video.

Just released Monday, the video for “White Knuckles” (from OK Go’s latest album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky) features a catchy tune alongside a choreographed dance routine… starring man’s best friends. Plus, the video was filmed in one take just like other music videos by the band, so there’s another thing to be impressed by. The band’s great, sure, but the incredibly talented dogs who partook in the video steal the show.

Take a look at the video below and prepare to fawn some more over adorable fluffy creatures, because we can never really do that too much, can we?

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