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Cee Lo confirms Goodie Mob will reunite, record album

on October 07, 2010, 3:05pm

That Goodie Mob reunion tour came and went pretty fast, and Cee Lo Green has been right back at it with his solo career, putting out viral pop hits. And he’s got a new solo album, The Lady Killer, out next month. But it looks like he’ll still fit in some time for the Atlanta hip-hop group that made him a star. According to an interview with Gigwise, a new Goodie Mob album featuring Cee Lo is “set in stone.”

In the interview, which you can watch here, Cee Lo was asked about his relationship with his former crew, which released two albums after his departure in 2002. “It’s definitely changed, but for the better. We’ve grown,” Cee Lo said. “They were always my big brothers so, now, we can look each other in the eye.”

Cee Lo wasted no time confirming a new album is in the works: “Definitely. The reunion is set in stone,” he said. “I’m almost done with [The Lady Killer], turning it in formally, and we will resume shortly thereafter finishing the Goodie Mob album.”

The “Fuck You” singer, wearing a dark hood and shades and being generally cryptic, went on to describe his feelings about the reformation: “Fateful. The meek shall inherit the earth, as the scripture says.” Cee Lo continued, “That’s what it feels like, it feels like destiny.”

And by the way, if you’re worried about that other project of his, Cee Lo said he would “definitely” be working with Danger Mouse again. Maybe he can rotate albums.

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