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Check Out: Rihanna asks “Who’s That Chick”

on October 07, 2010, 4:50pm

Do you want to know he we know “Who’s That Chick”, the latest track from Rihanna to surface, is going to be a success? Because it’s featured in a Doritos commercial. As far as we’re concerned, nothing truly says snappy pop hit like the snap of tortilla chips covered in fake cheese and red dye No. 40.

In case you’re wondering, the song won’t be featured on the Caribbean pop princess’ upcoming LP Loud. In a statement, the singer said the track, and a corresponding video, were created strictly for a Doritos ad campaign. However, she also clarified that “Doritos is in no way connected to LOUD.” Good, because we were already coming up with another conspiracy theory

As for the track, a collaboration with French house producer/DJ David Guetta, it features everything you’d expect from house music if it were focused through the prism of mainstream pop music song by a pretty girl: vocal effects, rigid drum machine beat, and lyrical content about some combination of love and how undeniably incredible the singer and her very existence is. In other words, don’t expect anything groundbreaking, but it is nice to see RiRi having some fun after going all dark on us with Eminem in “Love The Way You Lie”.

Enjoy the track via Idolator. Loud hits stores November 16th via Def Jam.

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