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Devo museum exhibit to include 400 energy domes

on October 28, 2010, 4:20pm

Regardless of their recent bad luck, Devo look more and more like frontrunners for the Most Unlikely Comeback of 2010 Award. After being a cultural punchline for… well, forever, they’ve leapt back with a terrific album, some industry-spoofing viral videos, and weird new Tin-Man-with-a-tumor headgear. Devo’s latest project may be the strangest yet though – strange because of how normal it is. It’s an exhibit at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art. Museums are a centuries-old marker of high(ish) society, so this seems surprisingly mainstream. As you might expect with Devo though, theirs contains a few twists.

Four hundred of Devo’s bright-red energy domes (aka those things they wear on their heads) will line an enormous wall at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art. Part of “The Artist’s Museum,” the show spotlights legendary L.A. artists who continue to create today. Photos and videos accompany the domes in the exhibit, which opens, appropriately, on Halloween. Details on what else the exhibit includes are scarce, but is it too much to hope for a Booji Boy costume?

For a more interactive Devo experience, the band is running a new remix contest through Beatport. On October 26th, instrumental stems of two Devo songs will hit the site. Fans can submit their remixes “Freedom of Choice” and “What We Do” to Beatport for a chance at a selection of prizes. Guitarist Gerald Casale offered this super-helpful introduction:

“Devo has showed you that ‘what we do is what we do’ in no uncertain terms. This time we did it with a song driven by a throbbing techno beat designed to connect the brain and the butt. Now we can’t wait to hear the mutations when you do what you do with it. ‘Feedin’ and breedin’ and pumpin’ gas. Cheeseburger cheeseburger do it again!’”

Read more details here.

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