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Girls announce new EP, Broken Dreams Club

on October 30, 2010, 1:30pm

San Francisco’s Girls are almost a year on from their universally well received debut, Album. From the outset, the band, comprising of Christopher Owen and Chet “JR” White, have peaked the interest of many with a pretty unique backstory, centering on Owen’s upbringing in the Children of God cult. There’s more to these guys than an interesting back story, though.

When the pair started recording, the interest only intensified because, as it turns out, these guys are actually pretty damn good. Throw in a seriously NSFW video, a gay adult movie soundtrack, and appearances at Matador at 21, ATP New York 2010, Austin City Limits and Sasquatch amongst others and you’ll agree it’s been a varied and interesting period since the band debuted.

As for the new material, the six-track Broken Dreams Club will run 30 minutes and was recorded by White in the band’s studio (via Pitchfork). The EP is currently available to pre-order on either CD or vinyl over at True Panther Sounds, where you can also download one of the new tracks, “Heartbreak”. The new EP, which will be released on November 22nd via True Panther, is said to have a richer sound, and features “horns, pedal steel and psychedelic effects” according to online music store Interpunk. Seems like the boys are adding another notch to their already interesting belt.

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