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Inception OST released on limited edition clear-vinyl

on October 15, 2010, 4:30pm

Not seeing Inception yet is like not having seen The Wire. If it comes up in conversation with a group of friends or strangers, those people will actually get visibly angry with you, as if you’ve slighted them personally or killed a close family member of theirs. But at this point, you’ll probably just have to wait until DVD or, if you want the entire movie ruined for you, you can look at this picture. But I digress, because we’re talking about music here, and Hans Zimmer’s score to Inception is second to none, rescuing the movie from certain doom many times.

I know my record collection is seriously lacking in soundtracks, so thankfully, Warner Brothers Records will release a limited-edition vinyl pressing of Inception: Music From the Motion Picture, which is on-sale at Only 1,000 of these puppies are going to be pressed, and here are two important reasons why you should buy it: a) this is a clear-vinyl pressing, which makes those records look like they’re from the future, and b) Johnny Marr plays guitar on eight of the tracks. Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer working together? That’s like a dream come true.

Or is it?

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