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Is this a new Lady Gaga song?

on October 14, 2010, 4:50pm

After stirring up a decent amount of controversy, even for her own standards, at this year’s VMAs, Lady Gaga is shedding the meat dress and returning with nothing on. Not literally, but the consummate celebrity is shifting the media focus from her wardrobe back to her actual music career with the release of “Nothing On (But the Radio)”.

But leave it up to the fame monster and her fans to continue to stir up hype. Written by Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander, several fans are claiming the “leak” was recorded using a studio singer for demo purposes, and then falsely attributed to Lady Gaga. While the entire rumor seems to be traced back to a post on Soundcloud, no one from Gaga’s team has currently done anything to negate that information or confirm that the track will appear on her upcoming 2011 release, Born this Way.

While the track does have a hook catchy enough for Fame, the synthesized guitar riffs and retro 90s club help perpetuate the rumors. Check out the track below, and help decide if it’s the fame monster herself.

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