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Justin Bieber makes a truly upsetting amount of money

on October 04, 2010, 11:00am

When I was 16, I had a $10/week allowance. Well, $10 was the baseline. If my parents heard me say “the D-word,” “the H-word,” or – heaven help me – “the S-word,” I lost a buck, so it was usually more like $7 or $8. Given that my weekly expenses totaled…well, nothing, this was a pretty good return. Sometimes I even got a couple bucks for raking the leaves.

Odds are that, financially, your sixteenth year looked somewhat similar. Unless you’re Justin Bieber. The fact that the teen mega-idol makes a shitload (whoops, just lost a dollar) of money comes as no surprise, but seeing the amount of money in print will stun you all over again. Ready for it? Okay. $300,000. Per. Concert.

The Smoking Gun unearthed that upsetting figure. Between now and year’s end Bieber has thirty dates. Do the math; that’s a cool $9 mil in just over two months. What in God’s name does a sixteen-year old do with nine million dollars? I don’t know, but does anyone else get the feeling we might see another “My Parents Stole All My Money” lawsuit in a few years?

This all makes me feel like I really underperformed at 16. I wasn’t even getting $3,000 a concert! I’m telling my mom I want a bigger allowance.

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