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Miami Police Department uses images of Jay-Z for anti-gang site

on October 08, 2010, 2:40pm

jaygangsta Miami Police Department uses images of Jay Z for anti gang site

While he’s an international rap sensation these days, Jay-Z makes no secret that he used to sell cocaine in his neighborhood as a youth. While the occasional reference informs who he is as an artist, the Miami Police Department took it a little further when images of HOV were used as the basis for art on the department’s anti-gang hotline web-page (via Prefix Magazine and Pop Dash). You crazy for this one, Miami PD.

The image was first reported yesterday by the Miami New Times for eerie similarities to the rapper. Based on promotional images from some 10 years ago, it’s clear to us that the Miami PD thinks all gangsters look like Jay-Z circa The Dynasty (and that there’s usually identical twins in every gang).

According to Entertainment Weekly, Miami PD is calling this one a regular old accident. “It was something that was inadvertently done,” the Miami PD Officer Kenia Reyes told EW. ”It was a mistake.” Reyes also blamed Miami PD’s computer department before declining further comment. Good job, IT.

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