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More details emerge on Radiohead’s contribution to Stone score

on October 14, 2010, 11:00am

Here’s something the Boy Scouts can’t get angry about. Earlier this month, our own Jeremy Larson told us that members of Radiohead were contributing to the latest Edward Norton film – Stone. The problem, though, was there weren’t many details to report outside of the fact that band members Johnny Greenwood and Thom Yorke were contributing what Norton called “weird ambient stuff” for the “John O’Brien” scored film.

Now (thanks to our friends at TwentyFourBit), we’ve got a little clarity. Apparently Norton was saying, “John O’Brien,” when he really meant New Jersey-born producer/singer-songwriter, Jon Brion, whose name appears on credits for albums from a slathering of artists like Kanye West, Fiona Apple, Spoon, and most recently Of Montreal.

Norton revealed the slip up in a recent interview where he let us in on a few more details regarding the score for the John Curran directed flick. He claims that Brion and Greenwood added some organ to the mix before two of the sound engineers “came up with some textural stuff,”  adding that, “at the end of the day Curran really conducted it all, he just threw it all into a Cuisinart to create this sort of soundscape. It was fun, very experimental and very unusual.”

There’s still no word of an actual release date for the soundtrack or score, so you might as well head to theaters and catch the flick, which is out in select theaters now. Peep the trailer below.

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