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Neil Young exhibit up- and down again- at Toronto City Hall

on October 05, 2010, 4:43pm

We hate to make such base jokes regarding a living legend, but Neil Young is so old that he’s finally wound up on exhibit. Actually, the joke may be on us, as the exhibit was a killer installation orchestrated by Grammy Award-winning producer Daniel Lanois that featured visuals to accompany samples of music from Young’s new album, Le Noise. It feels so good to bear the brunt of this joke.

Per TheStar.com, the exhibit, entitled Later That Night at the Drive-In, was created in honor of Nuit Blanche Toronto, which is the city’s “all-night contemporary art thing.” The exhibit, which rested outside the Toronto City Hall in Nathan Phillips Square, was made up of 24 speakers and 12 film screens and was described by Lanois as “an enchanted forest of sound.” Featuring concert footage, Lanois added the set-up was meant to recreate the concert experience, except here “no one gets a bad seat.” Four new songs from the album debuted at the exhibit, which started the evening of October 2nd and ended at sunrise the next morning, at the stroke of midnight. As much as we’d love to describe this magical experience, you should probably just watch it below for yourself.

Le Noise is out now via Reprise Records.