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Rammstein becomes first German band to sell out MSG

on October 15, 2010, 2:10pm

Germany has spawned its share of cross-the-pond successes. Scorpions. Kraftwerk. Nena. All sold a ton of records, but no German band ever sold out Madison Square Garden [Edit: in under an hour, that is]. Until now. What musical pioneers are breaking Germany’s legendary MSG slump, you might ask? Why, it’s none other than Rammstein, the hard rock outfit whose most recent hit boasts the chorus, “You’ve got a pussy. I have a dick. Let’s get together. Let’s do it quick.”

Well, they did do it quick. When tickets for their December 11th show went on sale last week, the 19,000 seats disappeared in under an hour. The band’s 10-year absence from America certainly boosted demand. In that decade, their overseas concerts have been the stuff of legend. On one recent tour, they performed in lederhosen and corsets. In another, they played in diapers after emerging, Flaming Lips-style, from a giant uterus. During every show, singer Till Lindemann sprays the crowd with a strap-on penis. So, yeah, those 19,000 fans will probably get their money’s worth. Assuming you consider getting soaked in fake urine to be getting your money’s worth.