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Sage Francis announces end of touring career

on October 27, 2010, 9:35am

For a lot of acts, touring is all they do. But for rapper Sage Francis, a Li(f)e on the road might not be for him. Shortly after his October 23rd gig in Auckland, New Zealand, Francis took to Facebook, announcing that said show would be the end of his touring days (via Prefix Magazine).

The wordsmith, touring behind his fifth record and first on Anti-, wrote the following fairly literary message that may or may not involve torn garments.

“I just finished my very last show of my touring career. No fireworks went off. No confetti dropped from the ceiling. There was no champagne involved. I did push someone with my foot off of the stage. I did grab his crotch and rip a patch of denim off of his jeans. I did tell many jokes and have fun. I did perform songs… that I enjoy. I did do an encore. I did go directly back to my hotel room so I could watch this over & over again. I love beautiful things with style. Here’s to being beautiful & stylish at whatever you do.”

He then included a really weird gymnastics video, which we’re sure has all kinds of symbolism involved. According to Eventful.com, the “LI(F)E On The Road” tour still has one last scheduled gig on October 30th in Perth, AU. While we’d like to take him seriously, Francis did pull a similar move back in June after a show in Pomona, CA, announcing an “indefinite hiatus.” As always, though, stay tuned for more news as it’s announced.

Hey, Francis, Google “Terry Funk retirement” and let us know what you gleaned from that.

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