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Simian Mobile Disco prep Delicacies for upcoming release

on October 15, 2010, 12:10pm

Since forming their own imprint, Delicacies, back in March, Simian Mobile Disco have been utilizing the label to serve up some pretty choice cuts. The electronic duo have released two 12″ LPs during the summer, each influenced from bizarre foods encountered during their travels. In April, they delivered “Aspic” and “Nerve Salad”, followed by “Casu Marzu” and “Thousand Year Egg” in September. You can check out “Nerve Salad” below for some much needed musical nourishment.

Simian Mobile Disco will complete the spread November 29th with the LP Delicacies. The two-disc release will be a compilation of the singles, which will continue to be put out until the album’s release date. The nine tracks listed below may be named after some stomach-curdling, gut-wrenching fare, but the duo rarely fail to offer fans some pretty tasty mixes.

Check Out:
“Nerve Salad”

Delicacies Tracklist:
01. Aspic
02. Nerve Salad
03. Casu Marzu
04. Thousand Year Egg
05. Skin Cracker
06. Hákarl
07. Sweetbread
08. Ortolan
09. Fugu

Studio Mix:
01. Sweetbread
02. Hákarl
03. Nerve Salad
04. Casu Marzu
05. Skin Cracker
06. Aspic
07. Thousand Year Egg Drumappella
08. Ortolan

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