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Steven Adler wants Jesus to reunite Guns n’ Roses

on October 14, 2010, 11:40am

We’ve long known that Axl Rose’s unmatched stubbornness stands in the way of a true Guns n’ Roses reunion (no, the current version with Bumblebucketbrain or whatever doesn’t count). Fans and promoters have been beating down his door for years now, but he continues to resist. Well, if drummer Steven Adler has his way, Axl’s going to get even more pressure…from Jesus Christ himself.

“I put prayers in with Jesus and God all the time,” he told the Dalton Daily Citizen. “‘Please just go talk to Axl,’ I say. I love the stuff we did together in my heart and my soul. It needs to be taken out of the shell and put back in the world. Two generations of people have already missed it. I think it’s unfair. I love those five guys — they mean more to me than anyone except my grandmother and my dogs. But there was so much fighting all the time, but like my grandpa said, time heals all wounds. My wounds are healed.”

Clearly this reunion is pretty damn important to him (one wonders what his wife of eight years thinks of being ranked below Axl and his dogs). Until the heavens intervene though, Adler will continue to perform the Appetite for Destruction songs with his band Adler’s Appetite. Both Slash and Izzy Stradlin have joined the group on stage in the past, so there’s hope yet.

“I would really like that. I would love to work with those guys — all of them — but I’m not going to wait. I’ve wasted enough of my life, the past 20 years with the drugs and all. It’s time to do the right thing — which is get the band together and do a reunion. We owe it to the fans and everybody who supported GNR for so long…when those suckers want to do something, I’m ready.”

Jesus couldn’t be reached at press time, but he released the following statement through his agent: “I may get around to it so long as they promise not to play anything from Chinese Democracy. That thing sucked. Also, I’m totes damning Buckethead to hell.” Read the full interview [with Adler, not Jesus] at the Dalton Daily Citizen.

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