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Trent Reznor’s not a fan of Facebook

on October 11, 2010, 10:45am
“… In the age of over-sharing and hyper-real versions of people presenting and representing themselves on the web, that if as many people really listened to Joy Division as list them on their Facebook page, Joy Division would be bigger than U2. That sense of, here’s the books I’m supposed to have read for the social archetype I want to fit into, so I’ll portray myself this way. I’ve seen that with people I know in real life, and I check them out online, it’s not always the same person.”

— Nine Inch Nails frontman and Social Network music maker Trent Reznor tells Drowned In Sound his true thoughts on Facebook. Though he explained his previous exclamations that “Facebook sucks” were said in passing, Reznor did go on to note that “the layouts [are] kind of foolish and the processing is terrible, as a tool.” Twitter FTW!

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