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Watch: Belle & Sebastian & Jenny Lewis play “Lazy Line Painter Jane”

on October 14, 2010, 12:25pm

Ah, Belle & Sebastian deep cuts. Now we are talking. Among the most beloved of the Belle & Sebastian lesser-known-songs is “Lazy Line Painter Jane” from the 1997 E.P. of the same name. The original features three lead parts, with both Stuart Murdoch and Stevie Jackson having turns in the spotlight, as well as guest vocals from Monica Queen. Queen’s part is the highlight of the song and virtually unattainable for anyone attempting to replicate. Punch the song title in YouTube and you’ll see some pretty sad attempts.

That being said, Jenny Lewis, whose Jenny and Johnny project opened for Belle & Sebastian at the Hollywood Palladium earlier this month, does not quite knock Monica Queen’s part out of the park, but she comes damn close. Queen has the ability to sing with power, even when stretching for high notes, while Lewis can go high and can sing with soul conviction, but not both at the same time. Still, it’s about as much indie-cuteness as anyone can take in one sitting, so maybe watch it on Sunday so you can immediately cleanse your pallette with your local football game.

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