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Watch: Brand new video from Xylos – “Second Order” (CoS Premiere)

on October 18, 2010, 2:55pm

xylos glasslands2 Watch: Brand new video from Xylos   Second Order (CoS Premiere)

You know the week is off to a positive start when 1) you wake up with enough time to shower away the evening’s excess, 2) you’ve planned a nice lunch with a new friend, and 3) you have the opportunity to check out a new track and video from Brooklyn’s bright and bubbly Xylos. But hey, you don’t have to thank us too much, that’s what friends are for.

Since debuting “When Summer Comes” back in February, fans have patiently awaited the five-piece’s debut LP. After a lineup retooling — Monika Heidemann took over lead vocals and Jordan Brooks stepped in as bassist– the outfit is once again making some (super-catchy) noise with the new single, “Second Order”. While the track’s lyrics urge the listener to “stay in bed all day”, the harmonies naturally compel you jump up and throw open the curtains.

And if you’re in the mood for an ’70s video flashback, watch the debut of the Robert Capria directed music video. According to Capria, “the video is inspired by the French film When The Cat is Away, but when lead singer Monika Heidemann wanted something edgier, darker, and more humorous, we hit the Internet to do research and hit the road.” The trek brought the crew, shooting in Super 8 film, to numerous retro-stops in Pennsylvania, like Trivet Diner, Bandit’s Truck Stop and the abandoned Bethlehem Steel Factory which can also be seen in Transformers. After watching the video you make recognize the carousel from the final scene — it resides in Coney Island.

And we have one more little surprise; lead-singer Eric Zeiler has revealed to CoS that his outfit’s long-awaited LP will be hitting shelves around Valentine’s Day 2011. So while it may be a little too early to consider whom that special someone may be, at least you know what to gift. And I promise, the LP comes will extra special benefits when given around February 14th.

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“Second Order”

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