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Watch: My Morning Jacket live on Letterman (10/12)

on October 13, 2010, 7:48am

Like Gorillaz the week before, The Late Show with David Letterman brought another big name live act to play a 45 minute, comparatively intimate set at the Ed Sullivan Theater last night. Jim James and his Morning Jackets showed up, no orchestra, no jazz band, no tuxes, just five Louisville boys staged to melt hearts and faces. Well, they actually did look dapper in those suits and sport coats and… capes.

Looking like a cross between Don Corleone and Dracula, Jim James entered through the house and broke right into “Wordless Chorus”. The cape flew off his shoulders and James shot off the first moment of many vocal fireworks of the evening. You’ve just got to check out the rest of the perfomance below which includes, but is not limited to, “Touch Me Pt 1” and “Touch Me Pt 2” which has James playing an Omnichord, guitarist Carl Broemel shredding standing and sitting, and MMJ proving they can play “Golden” and “One Big Holiday” for the one millionth time and inject the same amount of energy and soul into it as they did seven years ago.

The crowd was lackluster, and the band is still pushing their Evil Urges material that’s over 2 years old, but at least they played the best parts of the album, and are still setting the bar for any band on any stage. And for those looking a little old school MMJ, the band broke out a fairly common live staple and At Dawn track ”The Way That He Sings” on the Letterman Show cable broadcast, which you can also check out below (via The Audio Perv).

Unfortunately, no new MMJ songs were played, but you may be able to catch some unheard tracks from their forthcoming album if you attend the 10/22 performance of MMJ’s NYC residency which has the band playing all of Evil Urges front to back with the added bonus suggestion of “…and beyond!” But even with the incentive of hearing new songs, the It Still Moves night would still get my vote.

“The Way The He Sings”


Webcast Setlist:
Wordless Chorus
I’m Amazed
Touch Me Part 1
Smokin From Shootin
Touch Me Part 2
One Big Holiday

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