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Watch: Rihanna is the “Only Girl (In The World)”

on October 14, 2010, 10:15am

Announce a new album? Check. Drop a new single? Check. Release a hot new music video? Check.

The new clip for the Rihanna‘s hit single, “Only Girl (In The World)”, opens up with an artsy shot amidst an empty field, an interesting juxtaposition to the sticky-sweet electro pop that kicks in moments later. The sky is a perpetual shade of red to match Rihanna’s wild mane and fierce fashion sense, which only add to the warmth of the red-hued backdrop.

Coupled with the song’s lyrics, the theme of the video plays out like a love letter for one person’s eyes only, as if this was an ode to the significant other in her life. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. After my first viewing, it seems like there’s something more there than just a dancing diva.  Making no bones about it, Rihanna had every intention of making us believe she’s the only girl we need to care about. And I’m beginning to think she’s right.

Take a peek at the vid below. Then check out RiRi’s upcoming album Loud when it hits the streets November 2nd via Def Jam.

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