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Watch: The Streets asks you to “Trust Me”

on October 28, 2010, 12:50pm

If you happen to swing by The Streetswebsite (thanks to a little heads up from Some Kind Of Awesome), you’ll notice a couple things. First, there’s a counter in the upper right hand corner. What it’s counting down to, we’re just not sure (but maybe a new album, perhaps?) The second is a video for the song “Trust Me”. If this is a taste of what the aforementioned counter is ticking down toward, we’re more than happy to wait/troll the site in the meantime.

The video actually features a re-edit of the song, which is kind of like something new (but probably not enough for most hardcore fans.) However, if you’re an enthusiastic fan of shadows, random close-ups, and plenty of camera time for the man born Mike Skinner, then the vividly-colored video should be right up your alley. Also, note how hardcore Skinner is when he smokes a fat cigar while eating what appears to be a meal big enough for 10 people.

Enjoy the video below. Stay tuned for more album news as it’s announced.

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