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Watch: Three Mile Pilot – “What’s In The Air” (CoS Premiere)

on October 15, 2010, 5:05pm

the inevitable past is the future forgotten Watch: Three Mile Pilot   Whats In The Air (CoS Premiere)

We can now add Three Mile Pilot to the seemingly endless list of 90s bands reuniting this year. But unlike going on victory-lap tours, the San Diego band is actually releasing a new album called The Inevitable Past is The Future Forgotten (which totally reads like the title of a song The Books would write). If you don’t know 3MP, you might know the bands that spawned from the group: Pinback and The Black Heart Procession. Both bands had arguably more success than their lone predecessor, but members Armistead Burwell Smith, Pall Jenkins, and Thomas Zinser have some more things to say, and after a 13 year hiatus, they clear their throats, inhale, and…

In a stellar return, Three Mile Pilot drop the video for “What’s In The Air”, a mid-tempo rocker that embraces a bands 13-year hibernation from 1997. The video, directed by Sean Gillane, alternates between a nice stroll through the woods, a suicidal meteorologist, an incidentally nefarious date at the beach, a man who gets infected with outer space, and the band just grooving against some some stars. Correlation? Things are pretty fucked up in 2010, so lets just write a bangin alt-90s song tinged with influences from our other bands. I applaud that.

The Inevitable Past is The Future Forgotten is out now on Temporary Residence Ltd.

The Inevitable Past is The Future Forgotten Tracklist:
1. Battle
2. Still Alive
3. Grey Clouds
4. Same Mistake
5. What I Lose
6. Left in Vain
7. The Threshold
8. One Falls Away
9. Days Of Wrath
10. Planets
11. What’s In The Air
12. The Premonition

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