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Watch: Trailer for Lemmy documentary

on October 04, 2010, 9:45am

It isn’t very often that a single name can personify the existence of a rock and roll legend. In this case, nothing more is needed. That name is Lemmy.

Originally premiering in March 2010 at South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, the highly-anticipated documentary takes a look at the life of Motorhead frontman/bassist, Lemmy Kilmister, whose career has spanned the past four decades and influenced some of the biggest names in rock/heavy metal.

To get a real feel for the daily life of their subject, directors/producers Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski were attached to Lemmy’s hip for three years, documenting everything from life on the road to interactions with fans and life at Casa Kilmister in Hollywood, CA. The documentary also includes interviews with family, bandmates, and friends such as Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Grohl, WWE superstar Triple H, and Slash.

No official release date has been set, but the film is scheduled to premiere at the London Film Festival and In Edit Barcelona Film Festival this fall. Screening dates and times to come as per the film’s website.

For a sneak peek, check out the official trailer below.

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