Video Rewind: Daft Punk blinds fans “One More Time” at Wireless Festival ’07

on October 12, 2010, 12:15pm

daft punk1 Video Rewind: Daft Punk blinds fans One More Time at Wireless Festival 07

If you had the chance to catch Daft Punk  on their epic Pyramid tour — the same tour that gave us Alive 2007 — you saw what could be the best electronic live show to ever to circle the globe. I could even go as far as to call it one of the best tours of the decade, but that’s another debate all together. I was lucky enough to see them at the now defunct Vegoose Music Festival back in 2007, and, on a personal level, it was one of the best live experiences of my short quarter life. So why bring all this up? Because if you haven’t noticed, people are getting pretty antsy at the inevitability of Daft Punk returning to the stage next year.

To whet your appetite even further (you may need a bib by this point), I thought I’d share a video of Daft Punk blowing an audience’s mind at the 2007 edition of England’s Wireless Festival. The video captures “One More Time/Aerodynamic”. There are tons of amateur videos on You Tube, but this one is professionally shot, so you really get to see the kind of extravagant show Daft Punk brings with them.

The pyramid itself was the focal point of a large honeycomb light structure, all backed by a massive screen. As for that pyramid, it too was made of large video screens with an opening near the top to watch the duo dance in their robot suits, which also lit up. It was an overdose of lights and colors as they ran through mashed up and remixed version of their biggest songs. As you watch this, check out the Tron-like animation on the pyramid’s massive screens. Foreshadowing for next year? Maybe. Hopefully.

The pyramid may have been just for that tour, but it’s obvious now that with Daft Punk’s production quality, the pyramid may pale in comparison to what they bring next. Drooling yet?

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