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And the legend of Jay-Z and Jack White’s collaboration now features Kanye West

on November 22, 2010, 5:10pm

jack kanye jay z And the legend of Jay Z and Jack Whites collaboration now features Kanye West

In Complex Magazine‘s December/January cover story, editor-in-chief Noah Callahan-Bever offers a brilliant behind-the-scenes look at the life and times of Kanye West in the weeks following the Taylor Swift debacle, as well as his return to the studio last Spring. There are a lot of highlights — namely Kanye’s in-studio rules, which include “Just shut the fuck up sometimes” — but the most eye-catching line, just because we’ve been waiting for something to transpire for, like, ever, is the one mentioning that Kanye was also included in Jack White and Jay-Z’s collaboration:

“While I encouraged his pursuit since he was so obviously enthused, I confessed that it’d be a bummer if he abandoned music altogether. In response, he shared rhymes from a still-never-released song he’d done with Jay-Z and Jack White and talked at length about trying to master the physicality of rap. He also admitted that he had beats in his head—ones that sounded like 808s melodies over Mobb Deep drums, no less—that he had to get out. But he was over it. Riiiiiiiight.”

Better yet, when I asked Callahan-Bever about the West-featuring rhyme, he said it didn’t appear to be for the rumored track “Ray-Bans”, which means there could be multiple collaborations between White and Hova in existence. [And breathe].

While we wait for this collaboration’s still uncertain release (as of now, there’s still no word when and where the tracks might appear), check out Complex‘s Kanye feature. Apparently, Captain Crunch is the secret to his success.

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