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What will Jack White do on Conan?

on November 01, 2010, 11:01pm

Could this email, sent by the band’s Canadian label, Warner Music Canada, to music retailers, hold the answer to what Jack White will do when when he plays the premiere of Conan on November 8th? It could just be a typo, but then again, most people assume Jack White won’t be appearing alone. And perhaps adding further credence to the possibility is the fact that White was also listed as the sole musical guest when the lineup for Conan’s final show as host of Late Night was originally announced. The White Stripes performance was confirmed about a week later.

Update: As fast as you can say “White Stripes,” the band’s publicist shot down our speculation, noting that only White will be performing. Then again, a reader named Blake pointed us in the direction of Coco’s show schedule, which seems to convey the idea that White and O’Brien may do a duet. So at this point, we know as much as we did before… nothing.

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