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Check Out: Chromeo and La Roux remix “Hot Mess”

on November 17, 2010, 1:33pm

We all thought we were going to have to wait until 2011 to hear that La Roux-featuring remix of Chromeo’s “Hot Mess”, but the fine folks at Stereogum have thrown a wrench into our plans. The new version of Business Casual’s leadoff track isn’t as remixed as we expected it to be, but La Roux – aka Ms. Elly Jackson – does add the vocal touch that we anticipated last week.

She first hits the mic at the 45-second mark, singing, “If I’d only known the attention you crave/could this be the reason I’m runnin’ away?/So I’m breaking the chain/because love isn’t meant to complain,” and returns for a little call-and-response with Chromeo’s Dave-1 in the second verse. The new video hasn’t dropped, and we’re still not sure if Jackson will do any synchronized swimming in it, but the track itself is pop-tronically delicious and available for you listening pleasure at  The 12-inch single – which features other remixes by Duck Sauce and Tiga – will be available for purchase on January 17th. Check out the video for the original track below.

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