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Check Out: Glassjaw – “Natural Born Farmer” + “Stars”

on November 18, 2010, 4:50pm

Though we’re still waiting to hear word on an actual record, Long Island’s own post-hardcore icons Glassjaw are giving fans another taste of new music. For a band whose third album has been eagerly awaited for 8 years, two songs in three months sounds like progress. You can stream and download the track, “Natural Born Farmer,” here (via Punknews.org). Finely produced and tight as ever, the highlight of the track may be hearing singer Daryl Palumbo showing off that unique, trebly voice of his.

On top of this streaming release, the band worked in tandem with Mario’s Pizzeria in Seaford, New York to put together a truly tasty promotion. Starting Thursday, 11/11/10 at 1:11 PM, the pizza joint began taking orders for “The Glassjaw” special for $11.11. Those who got in on the deal received a personal pan pizza and a 7-inch vinyl containing the song “Stars.”

What’s more, the top of the pizza box doubled as entrance to a special show starting at 11:11 PM (if all of this could just have waited till next year…). The venue turned out to be the home of MerchDirect, the band merchandising company started by Glassjaw guitarist Justin Beck. Peep some images of the promotion over at BlowtheScene.com.

The question is, is this enough to satiate those hungry fans who have been waiting since 2002’s Worship and Tribute for another LP? “Natural Born Farmer” isn’t even technically a new track, though this is the first studio version. Over the years, Glassjaw has been teasing a new album with sporadic song releases and a handful of shows. Heck, even Palumbo’s other band, Head Automatica, has been cagey with details surrounding their junior record, Swan Damage, said to have been recorded over a year ago. Perhaps this is to be expected of the man at this point (he does suffer from Chron’s disease, so we can cut him some slack). What do you fans think; is this enough to keep you going or is your patience wearing thin? Let us know in the comments section, and check out “Stars” below (via Some Kind of Awesome).

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