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Check Out: New Cage The Elephant songs, “Shake Me Down” + “2024”

on November 22, 2010, 10:55am

The Kentucky boys of Cage The Elephant have released the first listen of their upcoming sophomore album (whoops, guess we missed one…). The record, Thank You, Happy Birthday, is set for release on the phenomenally palendrical date of 1/11/11. Though announced under a month ago, the band must’ve decided it was already time for a taste of the lead single and more.

The single, entitled “Shake Me Down,” in available in video form, which is conglomerate of concert footage with the band apparently playing everything but this track. Though it might not have the kick of “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”, the song still shows the mix of classic, southern and indie rock that shined through their self-titled debut. Thus, when Matthew Shultz sings that he was “way down, had to find a place to lay low,” you’re perfectly satisfied that this is what brought him back up.

Not contented with one measly song, the band uncaged (zing!) another track for free download (via So not only can you listen to the poppy “2024”, but for the price of an email address you can download a copy for your very own. The two tracks together lead one to believe that, as lyrics from “2024” suggest, “there is something more” to look forward to from this forthcoming LP.

Check the video out below, and down a bit further you can hit “play” on “2024”. If waiting for the Jive Records January release just seems too unfathomable, then make your way out to your nearest independent record store on Black Friday, November 26th, to pick up the special Record Store Day 7” vinyl of “Shake Me Down” and another LP number, “Aberdeen”.

“Shake Me Down”


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