CoS Giveaway: Tickets to see Aziz Ansari in Las Vegas

on November 18, 2010, 6:00pm

This is a big one. We’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Aziz Ansari at his final stop on his “Dangerously Delicious Tour” at The Pearl Concert Theatre in The Palms in Las Vegas Saturday, December 11th.

You may know him from the sorely missed Parks and Recreation, or as his pandering alter ego Raaaaaaaandy, or from his outstanding standup DVD, but for the sake of this giveaway, I’m going to mention Aziz Ansari’s most inimitable talent: Predicting Kanye’s Tweets.

Somehow, there was actually a time before Yeezy joined twitter — a time when our feeds were growing increasingly stale. @ShitMyDadSays was sooo 2009, @NPRNews was always ‘tl;dr’, and @MarthaStewart never RT’d my char recipes. But all that changed on July 28th, 2010 when @KanyeWest joined the Twitterverse. Word spread like wildfire and his follower count rose by the hundreds every second.

But before Kanye really got his stride with his ridiculous meta-megalomania, Aziz Ansari started trending #predictingkanyetweets with some of the funniest 140 character tweets I’ve ever read:

predickanye1 CoS Giveaway: Tickets to see Aziz Ansari in Las Vegas

predickanye2 CoS Giveaway: Tickets to see Aziz Ansari in Las Vegas

predickanye4 CoS Giveaway: Tickets to see Aziz Ansari in Las Vegas

You get the idea. So in celebration of Aziz Ansari’s love for Kanye, and his new 5-star album, to enter this contest and win (this pair) of tickets for the Las Vegas show, follow @coslive and tweet us your best #PredictingKanyeTweets. There’s a whole lot of Kanye News to draw from, so make it funny, make it relevant, make it real, and make sure there’s extra LEEEEETTTTTTTTEEEEEEEERRRRRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Must be a US resident. Must be able to use the tickets and see the show. Entries must be 140 characters or less. Winner will be notified via email. Don’t be a dick and plagiarize posts that are on Twitter or I’ll find it and be very disappointed in you.

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