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LCD Soundsystem evoke the Illuminati and Anna Kendrick for “Pow Pow” video

on November 04, 2010, 4:59pm

If you thought one unexpected treat was all LCD Soundsystem could muster in a day, you thought way wrong, home slice. While their new music video doesn’t have robots in it, the clip for “Pow Pow” does have the beautiful Anna Kendrick as the leading lady (girl from Twilight > artificial beings.) Plus, it was directed by David Ayer, the man behind Training Day. That’s right, y’all, James Murphy done gone Hollywood (via Pitchfork).

Here’s what we were able to discern from the video without having advanced degrees in literature or semiotics: Kendrick’s character rolls around town with a guy in a suit and some bodyguards. The suit attempts to persuade high-profile men to sign a contract. They don’t sign, so they get blasted by some light from Kendrick’s hand, kind of like Sookie does in True Blood (that’s two vampire movie references, in case you’re not keeping track.) Then, it’s on to the next vict… er, client.

Now, if you’re still with us (because we’re not sure even we’re with us), toward the end of the video, the men all awake in a room together. Kendrick appears and flashes those pearly whites and then they’re right back where they were, now more willingly to sign away… whatever. All Ayer has to offer in an interview is she’s a “shape-shifter” and the video’s about how you have to “answer for your sins.” Well, thank god that song is uber catchy.

Watch the clip below courtesy of MTV. The aforementioned London Sessions is available on iTunes from November 6th through December 6th.

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