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Lil Wayne gets mashed up with Radiohead, Nirvana, & Scott Weiland

on November 01, 2010, 2:40pm

You gotta give it up to CoS’ own Mr. Coplan — the dude had it right when he predicted Lil Wayne wouldn’t remain silent while in solitary confinement at Riker’s Island. (Then again, that’s like predicting a Mets playoff collapse.) Since being isolated in “The Bing” early in October, Weezy has sold over 250,000 copies of I Am Not a Human, and now the one-time wannabe rock star is featured in a mashup album with 90s rockers like Nirvana, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, and Blind Melon, just to name a few.

Entitled Weezy’s 90s Ball, Vol 1, the 22-track mixtape was created by DJ/producer Alexei Jendayi, and as is custom with mashup releases, the album includes a bevy of clever track titles: “Zombie Music”, “A Milli in Bloom”, “Weezy’s Teen Spirit”. But don’t expect something similar to Rebirth; DJ Alexei is layering Weezy’s rhymes and obscure verses over a combination of hip-hop drum beats, his own percussion arrangements, and samples of classic 90s rock.

Against the wishes of Wayne’s label, which reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Jendayi, Weezy’s 90s Ball, Vol 1 is currently available for download via 90sball.com. The complete tracklist can be found below.

Weezy’s 90s Ball, Vol 1 Tracklist:
01. Betterman (Pearl Jam Remix)
02. Wayne’s World (feat.
Nirvana, Ciara, Justin Timberlake)
03. Fireman (Give It Away Remix)
04. Plush Weatherman (Stone Temple Pilots Remix)
05. Wake Up, Barry Bonds (feat. Kanye West)
06. Bring Back That Raspy Shit (feat. Pharrell)
07. Transform Ya (Bittersweet SympCourier Newhony Remix)
08. Fly (Sugar Ray Remix)
09. Lollipop (Glycerine Acoustic Remix)
10. Forever Come Around (feat. Kanye West)
11. Speakers (feat. Akon) (Today Remix)
12. Screwed Up Love
Song (Stone Temple Pilots Remix)
13. Comfortable #41 (Dave Matthews Band Remix)
14. Karma Police (Radiohead Remix)
15. Zombie Musik (Cranberries Remix)
16. Gimme That, Rude Boy (feat. Rihanna)
17. A Milli In Bloom (Nirvana Remix)
18. Weezy’s Teen Spirit (Nirvana Remix)
19. Killing In The Name Of (feat.
Eminem) (Early Days Remix)
20. Lil Girl Got A Gun
21. The Eyes of Mrs. Officer (feat. Shakira)
22. No Rain for Shooters (Blind Melon Remix)