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Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics return, featuring Led Zeppelin

on November 07, 2010, 12:30pm

Fans of Led Zeppelin, comic books, or both (ideally) have something to look forward to in November. In a newly formed partnership, Bluewater Productions and Revolutionary Comics will be reviving “Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics”, a popular series in the early 90’s that featured unlicensed biographies of rock stars and bands. Although told in comic book form, these titles were geared towards an adult audience, often containing adult situations like drug use, sex, and violence. They are rock ’n’ roll biographies, after all.

According to Media Connection, Zeppelin will be getting their very own issue on November 16th, which is expected to pull “no punches in dramatizing the backstage, behind-the-scenes story.” It goes without saying, but with a band as infamous as Zeppelin both on and offstage, a graphic novel chronicling their story should be nothing short of enthralling. One can’t exactly say the same thing for New Kids On The Block, whose issue came out in 1990 believe it or not.

Along with Zeppelin’s issue, a Pink Floyd issue is already available for purchase, while Elvis will get his treatment in January. The suggested retail price for the graphic novels is $17.99. Contact your local bookstore to place an order, or buy them through Amazon because they sell everything, including “Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics”.

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